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How we do it

'Pray that God may open to us a Door for the Word...' —Colossians 4:3
"Pray that God may open to us a Door for the Word..." —Colossians 4:3

The global church is on the rise, in people groups all over the world. They need discipleship resources in their own languages, and are increasingly linked to the internet, able to participate in discipleship development, and willing to help. To help equip the global church, Distant Shores Media create Door43Door43 is an open-access translation platform for creating, translating, and distributing legally-unrestricted discipleship resources.

How it works

Door43 is:

  • Open-Access – Door43 ( is a web-based platform that uses wiki technology to enable the global church to openly collaborate in the creation, translation and distribution of discipleship resources. Door43 is an open platform where anyone can contribute to the content, while also making it possible to maintain the highest level of content quality (find out more at
  • Open-Licensed – All content in Door43 is released under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike license. This means that not only is the content free of charge, it gives anyone the legal freedom to use, redistribute, translate and adapt the content without restriction. The only two conditions for this freedom are that the original creator of the work be attributed and that whatever is created from the original work be released under the same license.
  • Multilingual – Door43 is configured to be able to serve all of the nearly 7,000 languages in the world today. Rather than merely support the most popular languages, Door43 provides equal support for even the smallest languages.
  • Multimedia – Two out of three people worldwide are best able to learn new information through non-print means. These "oral learners" are often illiterate, making text-based discipleship resources of no use to them. Door43 provides support for discipleship resources in text, audio, and video formats.
  • Mobile-Optimized – The global church does not generally have access to high-power desktop computers, but most of them have mobile phones. Because of this, Door43 is designed to enable people using mobile phones to both create and use the discipleship resources in Door43. Mobile web portals provide robust access to Door43 content via the Internet. Audio and video content are mobile-optimized, which minimizes download sizes and increases the reach of the content. Mobile phones are “first-class citizens” on Door43.

Find out more

To learn more or start translating, join the Door43 movement.