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What we do

'Declare His glory among the nations, His amazing works to the entire population.' — Psalm 96:3
"Declare His glory among the nations, His amazing works to the entire population." — Psalm 96:3

What we do

"Declare His glory among the nations, His amazing works to the entire population." — Psalm 96:3

Distant Shores Media is focused on assisting the global church to declare His glory by providing support services to Christian organizations and ministries. We do this in a number of ways including resource development, radio consulting and providing copyright insights.

Biblical resource development

  • We work with ministries to help them create Bible studies and other content that can be shared openly and translated by others within the global church without the licensing restrictions.
  • Open Bible Stories – This is one of the resources; a visual mini-Bible for use in any language. When we created this project, it was to mobile-optimize biblical content for the then emerging mobile technology. However, all of that content was “all rights reserved” and impossible to distribute on any platform that would allow translations by others without a complicated licensing process. So the Open Bible Stories were created to give the global church an initial tool that they could translate and distribute the content as they say fit.
  • New versions of the Open Bible Story series directed at multiple audiences are being created in consultation with our partners.
  • We also work with individual authors to assist their efforts in creating open licensed Bible study tools and helps for the global church.
  • We’re assisting an international ministry to create an open translation of the Bible to be released without licensing restrictions or conditions.
  • And of course we’re declaring God’s glory to the distant shores at every opportunity.

Radio Consulting

What drives us has always been to, “Declare His glory among the nations, His amazing works to the entire population.” Psalm 96:3. Seeing the need around us reinforces that mission almost daily. As a result, we respond to requests from radio stations and other media organizations to help them as they have need.

Recent projects include working with a church that is called to reach Africa by radio and a large ministry wanting to create discipleship tools in cooperation with national seminaries and radio stations.  We also continue to assist with work in Eastern Europe.

One of our greatest joys is helping Christian media to overcome obstacles that hinder them from accomplishing their ministry objectives. With 40 years of experience in radio in the U.S. and with a number of Christian Radio stations in other countries, we stand ready to assist others who share in this vital ministry to their own people.

Copyright Insights

All the technology of the 21st century has little effect if there isn’t anything to distribute on it. We’re surrounded by incredible inventions but it doesn’t matter if every language group holds their own Christian content tightly. Success will not come through technology and platforms. It will come from believers in other languages creating the basic Bible study tools and the biblical helps that we’re so accustomed to in the West.

In recent years, we’ve done work with copyright matters in creating new content both in the U.S. and other countries. As a result we can help ministries by providing insight into how modern copyright law intersects with their work, and provide help in addressing a biblical perspective on copyright. DSM partners with others in serving those who are trying to create and publish content in their own national language.

  • We conduct training seminars for ministries who want to know more about the ethical responsibilities of reaching the world in today’s digital, copyright dominated culture.
  • We create informational content for Christians to read who want to learn more about copyright and how to navigate this treacherous area.
  • We help support projects that bring together a number of local ministries suffering from a lack of discipleship tools.

We’re not attorneys and we don’t provide legal advice, legal opinions or legal counsel. You need to get that from your IPR attorney and we have some that we would recommend. But we can provide some of the copyright insight you might want in reviewing your organizations processes as it moves forward in this age of technology and digital distribution.