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Appendix A: A Classic License

This is an excerpt from an actual license on a website that makes media content available to consumers via the website and a software application.

Except as expressly set forth in these Terms of Use or otherwise expressly granted to you in writing by The Owner, no rights (either by implication, estoppel or otherwise) in or to the Content are granted to you.

The copying, reproduction, re-arrangement, sale, leasing, renting, lending, distribution, redistribution, modification or adaptation, downloading, side loading, exchanging, creating of derivative works, uploading, posting, transmitting, communication to the public or publication by you, directly or indirectly, of the Content, including the removal or alteration of advertising, except pursuant to the express limited grant of rights hereunder, is strictly prohibited. You agree to abide by any and all additional notices, information or restrictions in respect of the Properties contained in any part of the Website.

Subject to your strict compliance with these Terms of Use, The Owner grants you a limited, personal, non-exclusive, non-commercial, revocable, non-assignable and non-transferable license to:

  1. download and use The Owner’s software in accordance with its pre-defined functionality only; and

  2. listen to and view media streamed from the Website;

Provided that you:

  1. retain and do not alter or tamper with any trademark, copyright and other proprietary or legal notices contained in the original Content or any permitted copy you may make of the Content;

  2. do not, and do not allow or aid or abet any third party (whether or not for your benefit) to, copy or adapt the object code of the Website or Services (including, without limitation, software, HTML, JavaScript, or other code); to reverse engineer, decompile, reverse assemble, modify or attempt to discover any source or object code, circumvent or attempt to circumvent or copy any copy protection mechanism or access any rights management information;

  3. do not copy or seek to copy or “rip” any audio and/or audiovisual content from the Website or any part of the Service;

  4. do not embed or otherwise exploit The Owner’s product for commercial gain (which includes, for example and without limitation, selling advertising on your site or otherwise monetizing any element of your site which contains The Owner’s brand); and

  5. do not adapt, copy, republish, communicate to the public, display, transfer, share, distribute or otherwise exploit the Content, except as under these Terms of Use.

The Owner alone shall be responsible for determining, in its discretion, whether any use of The Owner’s Online brand constitutes commercial use in each case.